The Ileana

The Ileana

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Meet Ileana! Ileana is a force to be reckoned with. She runs toward the fire in a disaster. She lives in the color blue and if you ever gave her something in pink, she’d smile and say you were “so nice” and then ask to trade for a different color.

She’s vibrant, she’s strong, she’s fun and caring and she's reliable as hell. She holds the most important things in your life because what’s important to you is just as important to her. She’s going to ride with you on the way to your first date and she’s ready to make you stand out of the competition on your first day of work.

Her bright orange cross body strap tells you that she’s fiery and fun and her blue florals tell you that she’s safe and trustworthy. Ileana is a keeper for sure!

Purse base is light blue with a light blue/orange cross body strap. Strap is adjustable.