The Alma

The Alma

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Meet Alma! She’s tiny, gentle, has a beautiful heart and is the mother and grandmother of the bunch! Alma is the type of woman who saves buttons and quarters for a rainy day.

The Alma backpack is simple and sweet. The buttons on the front are fun, different from one another, and lucite! Her soft blue color says that the Alma backpack is sweet, safe and gentle. The eight flowers on the front of the backpack stand for her 7 kids and husband.

The Alma backpack has soul and character. She’s lived through different generations and even thought technology is a tricky thing, Alma still manages to try and figure out her Facebook page. The Alma backpack has heart and love and you should tote her around with your family, because it’s also what’s most important to her.

The Alma backpack should be handled with love and care – I hope you love this teeny babe!