The Nikol

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Meet The Nikol Backpack. Anyone that knows this girl knows that she bleeds Warriors’ blue! Nikol is an artist. She’s obsessed with makeup and loves to connect with people. She’s the first backpack in the bunch and it’s because she needs something that will be in the long-haul when she’s out kicking it with her friends and has space to hold notebooks and receipts because you bet your ass she runs her own business.

Nikol’s cool-toned flowers tell you that she’s always chill and only let’s people see her sweat when she’s getting in a good workout. The Nikol backpack is the kind of backpack you want with you from day to night – on the job and after hours. I picked a backpack with some stretch to tell you that she’s always flexible and goes with the flow, but never flake on her. A Capricorn in every imaginable way, the Nikol backpack will be a forever kinda friend from the very beginning.